< Heartvine >
Text(Edward G. Seidensticker; The Tale of Genji)
<Heartvine>  P164-19
She wrote her reply on a rib of a tastefully decorated fan:
"Ah, the fickleness! It summoned me
To a meeting, the heartvine now worn by another.
"The gods themselves seemed to summoned me, though of course I am not admitted to the sacred precincts."
He recognized the hand: that of old Naishi, still youthfully resisting the years.
Frowning, he sent back:
"Yes, fickleness, this vine of the day of meeting,
Available to all the eighty clans."

<Suma>  P227-13
Remembering that day as they came in sight of the Lower Kamo Shrine, he dismounted and took Genji's bridle.
"There was heartvine in our caps. I led your horse.
And now at this jeweled fence I berate the gods."

<Purple Trousers>  P490-23
Whatever she may have had in mind, Tamakazura replied briefly to Prince Hotaru's letter only.
"Not the sunflower, choosing to follow the sun,
Forgets to soon the morning frost beneath."

<New Herbs: Part U>  P616-25
A little girl came in with a spring of aoi, the heartvine of the Kamo festival.
"In secret, without leave, she brings this heartvine.
A most lamentable thing, a blasphemous thing."

<The Wizard>  P729-13
She had slipped off her jacket and train. She now made haste to put herself in order. Beside her was a sprig of heartvine.
"It is so long since I have had anything to do with it,"he said, picking it up, "that I have even somewhat suggestive remark.
"With heartvine we garland our hair-and you forget!
All overgrown the urn, so long neglected."
Yes, he had neglected her, and he was sorry.
"The things of this world mean little to me now,
And yet I found myself reaching to break off heartvine."

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