Text(Edward G. Seidensticker; The Tale of Genji)
<The Broom Tree>   P032-05
The dear, uncertain ones−the dew that will fall when the hagi branch is bent, the speck of frost that will melt when it is lifted from the bamboo leaf-no doubt they can be interesting for a time.

<New Herbs: Part T>  P564-40
"No change do we see in the white of the waterfowl.
Not so constant the lower leaves of the hagi."

<The Rites>  P717-23
"So briefly rests the dew upon the hagi.
Even now, it scatters in the wind."

<His Perfumed Highness>   P739-40
The blending of perfumes would become his work for days on end. In the spring he would gaze inquiringly up at the blossoming plum, and in the autumn he would neglect the maiden flower of which poets have so much and the hagi beloved of the stag, and instead keep beside him, all withered and unsightly, the chrysanthemum "heedless of age" and purple trousers, also sadly faded, and the burnet that has so little to recommend it in the first place. Perfumes were central to his pursuit of good taste.

<The Eastern Cottage>   P961-16
"The hagi at Prince Niou's is especially good," he was saying. "I wonder where he found the seeds."

<Banquet of Hagi>
<The Flute>   P666-37
Remarking upon Kashiwagi's skills, the prince gave it to him one day when we had gathered to admire the hagi.

<Little Hagi>
<The Paulownia Court>   P009-08
"At the sound of the wind. bringing dews to Miyagi Plain,
I think of the tender hagi upon the moor."

<The Paulownia Court>   P011-09
"The tree that gave them shelter has withered and died.
One fears for the plight of the hagi shoots beneath."

<The Typhoon>   P458-01
Murasaki's southeast garden had been pruned and otherwise readied for winter, but the wind was more than "the little hagi" had been waiting for.

<Beneath the Oak>   P809-31
"How is it in yon hills where the hart calls out
On such an eve, and dew forms on the hagi?"

<The Eastern Cottage>   P962-08
"Of the plighted hagi, the upper leaves seem quiet.
What will have caused a change in the underleaves?"

<The Eastern Cottage>   P962-11
"Had I known it to be of the meadow of Miyagi.
With the fragile hagi I would have kept my faith."

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