< Maiden flower>
Text(Edward G. Seidensticker; The Tale of Genji)
<The Typhoon>   P462-09
They had on robes of lavender and pink and various deeper shades of purple, and yellow-green jackets lined with green, all appropriately autumnal hues. Disappearing and reappearing among the mists, they made a charming picture. Four and five of them with cages of several colors were walking among the wasted flowers, picking a wild carnation here and another flower there for their royal lady.

<The Typhoon>   P464-28
"The tempest blows, the maiden flower has fears
That the time has come for it to fade and die."

<The Typhoon>   P464-32
"If it gives itself up to the dew beneath the tree,
It need not fear, the maiden flower, the winds.
"It should look to the example of the pliant bamboo."

<Evening Mist>  P687-28
"You stay a single night. It means no more,
This field of sadly fading maiden flowers?"

<His Perfumed Highness>  P739-40
In the spring he would gaze inquiringly up at the blossoming plum, and in the autumn he would neglect the maiden flower of which poets have so much and the hagi beloved of the stag, and instead keep beside him, all withered and unsightly, the chrysanthemum "heedless of age" and purple trousers, also sadly faded, and the burnet that has so little to recommend it in the first place. Perfumes were central to his pursuit of good taste.

<Trefoil Knots>  P838-07
"All the wide field abloom with maiden flowers!
Why must you string a rope to keep us out?"

<Trefoil Knots>  P838-10
"The maiden flowers on the misty morning field
Are set aside for those who bestir themselves.

<The Ivy>   P901-34
"It droops, the maiden flower, as never before.
The dew this morning has left it all too swiftly.

<The Ivy>   P893-04
He broke it off to take with him, and left without a glance for the saucy maiden flowers.

<The Eastern Cottage>   P953-39
One section had been folded over the frame. From beneath protruded the sleeves of a bright lavender robe and a cloak of greenish yellow.

<The Drake Fly>  P1037-38
"Now through a field of riotous maiden flowers
I go, untouched by any drop of dew."

<The Drake Fly>  P1038-01
"A flower whose name may suggest a want of judgment,
It does not bend for every passing dew"

<The Drake Fly>  P1038-08
"Suppose you too have a nap among the flowers.
Then may we see how well you resist their hues.

<At Writing Practice>  P1054-07
Ono was little nearer the center of things than Uji, but the nunnery and its grounds showed that the occupants were ladies of taste. Wild carnations coyly dotted the hedge, and maiden flowers and bellflowers were coming into bloom; and among them stood numbers of young men in bright and varied travel dress. The captain, also in travel dress, was received at the south veranda. He stood for a time admiring the garden.

<At Writing Practice>  P1055-29
Breaking off a maiden flower below the veranda, he was heard to murmur as he went out: "Why should our nunnery be bright with maiden flowers?"

<At Writing Practice>   P1057-09
"O maiden flower, bend not to Adashino's gales.
I came the long road to make for you a windbreak."

<At writing Practice>  P1058-01
"We have brought the maiden flower to a hut of grass
Away from the world, and yet the world torments it."

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