Text(Edward G. Seidensticker; The Tale of Genji)
<The Safflower>  p127-38
As if to amuse himself he jotted down something beside the princess's poem. Tayu read over his shoulder:
"Red is not. I fear, my favorite color.
Then why did I let the safflower stain my sleeve?
A blossom of the deepest hue, and yet―"*

<The Safflower>  p130-24
She was leaning on an armrest. The bright safflower emerged in profile from over the sleeve with which she covered her mouth. It was not a pretty sight.

<The Jeweled Chaplet>  p402-15
He got off a letter. Yet he was a little worried, remembering the safflower princess. Ladies were not always what one hoped they would be, and this was a lady who had had a hard life.

<The Jeweled Chaplet>  p407-13
He chose for the safflower princess a white robe lined with green and decorated profusely with Chinese vignettes.

<The Jeweled Chaplet>  p407-24
All the ladies took great pains with their answers and with gifts for the messengers. The safflower lady, left behind in the east lodge at Nijo, might have had certain feelings of deprivation, but she was not one to neglect ceremony. She gave the messenger a yellow lady's robe rather discolored at the sleeves―a hollow locust shell, so to speak.

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