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Text(Edward G. Seidensticker; TheTale of Genji)
<Wisteria Leaves>  p533-09
The garden badly needed pruning. The shrubbery was out of control and "sheaf of grass" did indeed threaten to take over the garden.

<The Oak Tree>  p654-24
The flowers that had been tended with such care were now rank and overgrown. He thought how clumps of grass now tidy and proper in the spring would in the autumn be a dense moor humming with insects, and he was in tears as he parted the dewy tangles and came up to the veranda.

<The Ivy>  p922-38
"The autumn grass is keeping something back.
Beneath the dew, it beckons and it beckons.

<The Ivy>  p923-03
"Weakly, weakly the wind glides over the grasses.
One knows that the moor is at the end of autumn."

<The Ivy>   P923-34
Below the veranda autumn grasses, beckoned, their plumes bending and swaying over beds of withered flowers. Some, not yet headed, fragile in the evening breeze, were flecked with dew. It was an ordinary enough breeze, and yet it was strangely moving.

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