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Text(Edward G. Seidensticker; The Tale of Genji)
<The Meiden>  p384-01
The hills were high in the southeast quarter, where spring-blossoming trees and bushes were planted in large numbers. The lake was most ingeni-ously designed. Among the plantings in the forward parts of the garden were cinquefoil pines, maples, cherries, wisteria, yamabuki,* and rock aza-lea, most of them trees and shrubs whose season was spring. Touches of autumn too were scattered through the groves.

<Butterflies>  p419-09
Yellow yamabuki reflected on the lake as if about to join its own image.

<Butterflies>  p419-15
"The breezes blow, the wave flowers brightly blossom.
Will it be the Cape of Yamabuki?"

<Butterflies>   p419-17
"Is this the lake where flows the River of Ide, †
That yamabukishould plunge into its depths?"

<Butterflies>   p422-16
The birds brought cherry blossoms in silver vases, the butterflies yamabuki in gold vases. In wonderfully rich and full bloom, they completed a perfect picture.

<The Typhoon>   p464-16
She was not perhaps the equal of the other lady of whom he had recently had a glimpse, but she brought a smile of pleasure all the same. She would not have seemed in hopeless competition with Murasaki. He thought of a rich profusion of yamabuki sparkling with dew in the evening twilight.

<The Cypress Pillar>   p508-30
The Third Month came. Wisteria and yamabuki were in brilliant flower.

<The Wizard>   p725-37
Tears darkened the yellow cascade of yamabuki.

<The Wizard>   p727-12
"She is no longer here to enjoy her spring flowers, and I am afraid that they do very little for me these days. But if they are beautiful anywhere it is on an altar." He paused. "And her yamabuki―it is in bloom as I cannot remember having seen it before. The sprays are gigantic.

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